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A Chronicle of Historical Collections and Memoribilia
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                 to Our Historical Web Site                


        "Embracing the rich heritage that is ours and preserving our history for generations to come."


                                                        A Journey into Our Past

As you begin your journey from the earliest classrooms conducted in one room log cabins to the modern

classrooms of today, it is the hope of the Hardee County School District that you will ascertain

a new appreciation for the evolution of our educational system.


Throughout our history, one ideal that has been clearly evident is the dedication and

determination of so many citizens, parents, and educators who were instrumental in developing

and providing a school system worthy of entrusting our children's education and future.  


Therefore, it is with great pride that we dedicate this site to those who gave so much of their

time, talent, and assistance to keep our school doors open!  

                                                       Enjoy! Explore! Discover! Appreciate!


 Football Programs from the 1970's


We have several football programs from the 1970's era.  This particular program is packed with

advertisements and photographs of players, coaches and cheerleaders.



Can you believe that  back then, programs were only 25 cents??????



Novelty Footballs are a Hardee High School Tradition




The cheerleaders have been tossing miniature footballs into the  stands for many years. The footballs,

supplied by local sponsors, have become a Wildcat tradition. Fans wait with great

anticipation for the opportunity to catch one of the footballs that are thrown at every  home game.  

Although the footballs have taken on a new appearance from time to time, they

still remain a vital part of the Friday night festivities.


~Did You Know?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


 Hardee County Schools were once known as the "Strawberry Schools". In years past, the school term was scheduled 

around the berry harvest. The school term went from July through December so that the children would 

be free to help their parents in the fields. Classes resumed in the middle of March.  This practice continued

in the Hardee County Schools until the mid 1950's.






The Wildcat Echo  was referred to as  an annual by students and staff members? This

terminology was used until the late 1970's. In more recent years,  we began to call them yearbooks!